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July 31, 2019


Many people thinking about entering a skilled trade field ask the same question, so here are a few points to think about.

1.) 2ND CHANCE SCHOLARSHIP CONTEST - This annual scholarship awards $1,000 to each of 5 winners, who are randomly selected from the pool of applicants. AFSA pays the award directly to the winner’s accredited trade school or university.

2.) ACCE- DUPREE CONSTRUCTION EDUCATION FUND SCHOLARSHIP - The mission of American Council for Construction Education is to be a leading global advocate of quality construction education; they also promote, support, and accredit quality construction education programs. 

3.) AC PRO HVAC SCHOLARSHIP- A TROOPS TO TRADES SCHOLARSHIP - With their AC Pro Scholarship of $5,000, one Troops to Trades veteran per year, who is involved in an HVAC technical training program, and who shares these core values, will have the opportunity to gain the skills needed to begin a rewarding career outside the uniform.

4.) AMERICAN FIRE SPRINKLER ASSOCIATION - In order to reach this mission across the U.S., in addition to the Second Chance Scholarship, the AFSA offers a high school scholarship to high school seniors who are planning to enter a trade program at an accredited college, university, or trade school. 

5.) AMERICAN SOCIETY OF PLUMBING ENGINEERS - The ASPE offers chapter scholarships to high school and trade school students who are enrolled or want to enroll, to become a plumbing engineer and share the organization’s values.

6.) ASHRAE UNDERGRADUATE ENGINEERING SCHOLARSHIPS - ASHRAE offers 10 different scholarships of varying amounts to students of engineering or pre-engineering.

7.) ASSOCIATED GENERAL CONTRACTORS OF AMERICA WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT SCHOLARSHIP - Between members, supporters, and chapters the AGC Foundation has built an endowment that is able to award over 100 deserving undergraduate and graduate students to opportunity to be financially supported.

8.) ASSOCIATION OF ENERGY ENGINEERS FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIPS - Since 1981, the Foundation of the Association of Energy Engineers has been encouraging professionals to further their education and enhance the knowledge in the fields of energy engineering and energy management. With 4 different scholarships to choose from, and additional opportunities through regional chapters, AEE Foundation has what you need, if you are advancing your energy degree.

9.) AUTOMOTIVE HALL OF FAME SCHOLARSHIP FOR AUTOMOTIVE STUDENTS - Even though the old way is most important to the old timers, the automobile hall of fame recognizes how crucial it is to support new and innovative ways of thinking. They offer the education scholarship as a way to give back to the automotive community.

10.) DWYER GROUP WOMEN IN TRADES SCHOLARSHIP - With a commitment to excellence in these franchise fields, as well as commitment to tradespeople who often go overlooked in their field, the Dwyer Group offers scholarships to women in trades, to be paid to the accredited trades institution of her choice.

11.) FACT TRADE/TECHNICAL SCHOOL SCHOLARSHIP - The FACT trade and technical school scholarship is awarded four times per year to applicants who are members of FACT or whose parents or immediate family are members. The application pool is open year round and applications will be reviewed for the next round of awards anytime of the year it is received.

12.) FLAX DENTAL SCHOLARSHIP - As an extension of their philosophy of excellence and education, Flax dental offers a $1,000 scholarship to Georgia High School seniors who intend to enroll in a 2 year community college or trade school in any field.

13.) FRANK J. BLAU JR. SCHOLARSHIP - Permanently funded by the Nextstar Legacy Foundation, the Frank J. Blau Jr. scholarship is intended for students pursuing a four-year degree in business management, mechanical engineering, marketing or other business function related to running an HVAC, plumbing, or electrical business. 

14.) HOME DEPOT HOMER FUND SCHOLARSHIP - Available to Home Depot Associates and their children who have worked for 1 year at the Home Depot, this scholarship awards 1,000 students $2,500 each, and award winners may reapply the following years as well.

15.) JILL REED WOMEN IN TRADES SCHOLARSHIP - Marty and Carol Donnelly, founded the $2,000 Jill Reed Memorial Scholarship, specifically for women who are entering trades programs, or marketing programs with an interest in working in the trades.

16.) JIM “BUDDHA” POTTS MEMORIAL VETERANS - A TROOPS TO TRADES SCHOLARSHIP - The Jim “Buddha” Potts Memorial Veterans Scholarship is one of two Troops to Trades Scholarships offered by the Nextstar Media Group Foundation. This application is for veterans, transitioning military personnel, National Guard and Reserve members looking for a new career in the plumbing, heating, cooling or electrical residential service industry.

17.) JOHN J. MACGREGOR SCHOLARSHIP - The John J. MacGregor Scholarship is one of four donor named scholarships for students in the trades. These are awarded to students based on skill and merit and can be accessed through the scholarship’s application portal on the Nextstar Foundation website. The joint application process will give the applicant access to all of the Nextstar scholarships, including the John J. MacGregor Scholarship.

18.) MERCHANTS EXCHANGE OF PORTLAND SCHOLARSHIP - The Merchant Maritime Exchange Scholarship Fund was developed to further the fields of maritime affairs and International trades, by supporting students who are on an educational path towards excellence in related disciplines. The applicant must be enrolled in a four or two year post-secondary program with a focus on Maritime Affairs and/ or International Trade. They must have completed enough credit hours to be technically in their third year of study if in a four year institution.

19.) NAHB PROFESSIONAL WOMEN IN BUILDING STRATEGIES FOR SUCCESS SCHOLARSHIP - With the NAHB Professional Women in Building Strategies for Success Scholarship, the National Association for Home Builders through the endowment has offered scholarships to all kinds of students to support in the kind of education this very important industry needs. NAHB Professional Women in Building Council former national president Deborah Ferland and Austin Ferland initiated the Fund in 2001, as a way to reach out to women who may not have as much support in the field as others. 

20.) NAWIC FOUNDERS SCHOLARSHIPS - With two national scholarships, and many regional chapter scholarships to choose from, women who are pursuing degrees in construction fields should consider applying for these helpful, scholarship opportunities. The two regional scholarships are the undergraduate scholarship and the construction trades scholarship. Both of these require applicants to be enrolled full time in a construction related field. 

21.) PHCC EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION - The PHCC Educational Foundation has the intention of supporting students in the above trades to meet their educational goals and be successful in their field. Forty-one scholarships are awarded annually, including to students in the online eLearning program. Apprentices whose companies pay their tuition are still encouraged to apply, and such winners will not only have the sense of accomplishment from winning, but their tuition costs will be offset and, therefore, benefit their parent company.

22.) SHEAR COMFORT SCHOLARSHIP FOR AUTOMOTIVE ENGINEERING - They offer a great scholarship, twice per year, to students pursuing a degree in automotive engineering or auto mechanics. Applicants must answer the essay prompt: “What will be the largest technological development in the automotive industry within the next 5-10 years and how do you plan to be a part of it?” in 300-600 words. Applicant must be enrolled in a school for automotive engineering or a similar field and be able to show proof of enrollment if necessary.

23.) THE DUPREE CONSTRUCTION EDUCATION FUND/NHE SCHOLARSHIP - Much like the American Council for Construction Education Dupree Construction Education Fund Scholarship, applicants of the NHE scholarship must be accepted in a Masters or PhD construction-related program, in an institution with an ACCE-accredited program. Applicants are expected to become faculty at an ACCE-accredited program. A documented history of experience working in the U.S. residential construction industry is also required.

24.) WOMEN IN HVAC/R SCHOLARSHIP - WHVACR offers three $2,000 scholarships annually including one for a Technical College or Trade School, one for a Bachelor’s Degree program at a four year college, and lastly, one for an online education program that covers heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration.

25.) WOMEN IN SKILLED TRADES SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM - RSI - The Women in Skilled Trades Scholarship program provides financial assistance to female students at RSI, who have demonstrated financial need. All female students who are enrolled or will be enrolling in The Refrigeration School in Phoenix, AZ are eligible to apply for this scholarship, and the award date is dependent on the applicant’s enrollment date, but applications are accepted year-round.

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